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Pacts with Father Satan- New Expanded Edition

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Make your Infernal Allegiance Pact and more complex Pacts. Why pay a Sorcerer a fortune when you can learn to do it yourself?

  • Sigils for Lucifer Satanas, Zazazel/Iblis, Lilith and Lucifuge for printing
  • Name and enn pronunciation key
  • How to prepare your space
  • Supplies list
  • 2 Boilerplates for a simpler or more complex Pact that can now work for Lucifer or Iblis
  • Adapted enns and a more accurate sigil for Emperor Lucifer
  • An introduction to The Draconian Order of Black Magi and The Obsidian Temple Coven

You will additionally get an invite to the Discord server for The Order, especially Neophyte Tuesdays for new Satanists.

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Pacts with Father Satan- New Expanded Edition

0 ratings
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